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"Now my inner voice sounds like you." - Will Graham

(NBC’s Hannibal)

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because, let’s face it, he was totally checking himself out

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Wow, that was one sick burn Robin.

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These are like the polar opposite of the infomercial gifs

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For the birthday of the writer of this here web comic I illustrated, I got the amazing Hildebabble to draw up an incredible cover, and then printed the whole thing out like a real comic book. It turned out so awesome!

It’s really neat to have a physical comic that I made with two other talented people. It feels like the real deal! And that cover… MAN do I love that cover!

I HAVE THESE IN MY HOUSE. They truly are a thing of beauty, and veryscarykrystal deserves all the credit for putting this together!  I’m so very honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with her!

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Renee Montoya and Daria Hernandez of Gotham Central.

A special pic for the awesome neuralhandshake!

(By me, ScaryKrystal)

Sooooooo GOOD!!

And so adorable!

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Marko and Alana of Saga.

Another art challenge between me and Hildebabble! It’s a thing we do (this is our fourth) where we draw from the same prompt.

Our prompt this time was “Marko and Alana: Marriage role reversal.”

The other half!

Poor Marko.

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My half of an art challenge with the indispensable veryscarykrystal!  This time we’ve tackled Saga.

The prompt we were given was “Marko and Alana: marriage role reversal.” The big guy on the screen is who I envision Gwendolyn’s (aka Marko’s ex) Landfallian counterpart would be.

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Capu-chuchu-chuchu tea.

It keeps my skin nice and dry.